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  • Pick Up and Throw – Materials, Scale and Selection Updates
    After this and this recent post, the player PickUpandThrow mechanic has now been updated to address some issues including: Collisions […]
  • Blender to Unity 01 – Scale, UV’s and Import
    This post forms part of a likely ongoing series of notes related to using Blender with Unity. Scale and Dimensions […]
  • Environment Lighting in Unity
    I’m posting this reference to a great CG Cookie article on lighting. It covers all the basics and a few […]
  • Change Color on Raycast Hit
    In the process of developing the RB controller, one of the functions I wanted to incorporate was highlighting objects when […]
  • Rigidbody Based Pick Up and Throw
    As the Rigidbody version of the Player continues to develop (full functionality breakdown to follow) the concept of being able […]
  • Custom Colliders for RigidBodies
    While making good progress developing a new RB version of the player (which I’ll post about elsewhere), I stumbled on […]
  • Refactoring UI Elements
    I started this post with just the reference pic above almost 6 weeks ago, so I’ve been trying to remember […]
  • Better Referencing in Unity
    After several months of development trying to keep things as simple as possible has become increasingly important. With only a […]
  • Elevator Prefab
    After more than 2 weeks of wrestling with this idea, illness and the slaughter of more than 2500 orcs in […]
  • Iteration #0: feature updates (and fiddling)
    After managing to deliver on my project management priorities, iteration ) of TGM47 is complete. Iteration #0 is a series […]
  • Animation: Curves and Immersion
    This vid highlights approaches to developing procedural animations that can increase feel and immersion using curves. Many of these tips […]
  • Human Places, Human Spaces
    This 1979 (complete with awesomely future-retro funky intro tune and graphics) film is based on William H Whyte – Street […]
  • Project Management
    Resistance has indeed proved futile! When I first started developing tthe glitch machine B47 as a fully fledged project in […]
  • Player: UI Info Overlay
    Solution to displaying interactable object information on `UI based on https://forum.unity.com/threads/get-ui-placed-right-over-gameobjects-head.489464/
  • #glitch theory
    An ongoing list of related theoretical resources
  • Peter Zumthar: Bruder Klaus Field Chapel
    This architecturally intriguing piece is a prime candidate to explore the impact of architecture within tgmB47. The design, look and […]
  • Architecture in Game Design (GDC 2016)
    Some interesting resources on architecture (as in buildings and space) and game design. This vid from GDC 2016 explores some […]
  • Conceptual Inspiration from Fantastic Voyage
    I was thinking that based in the game start idea it might be an idea to source some content based […]
  • Player: Audio Management
    After plenty of headaches with audio sources it seems that this solution is best option: It’s possible to play multiple […]
  • Set up a toggle button using the Input Actions Manager
    Set up a toggle button using the Input Actions Manager: derived from https://forum.unity.com/threads/new-input-system-how-to-use-the-hold-interaction.605587/
  • Bug Killer
    Finally managed to quash those pesky bugs in player movement that had been riling me for the last week. The […]
  • VCS Ups and Downs
    Spent more time than ideal setting up a VCS system for the project – what a nightmare – but then […]
  • Home Computing – a retro perspective
    Whenever I think of the term ‘home computing’ I inevitably end up with a picture of this in my mind: […]
  • An exploration of New Media and Interface Design (2012)
    INTRODUCTION The following pages are aimed at exploring my recent research into new media art with a focus on the […]
  • The #glitch machine B46
    The glitch machine #B46 – a new media installation production. An interactive piece driven by PureData that included an Arduino […]
  • The #glitch machine @chapter arts, Cardiff
    The #glitch machine prototype at chapter arts in Cardiff.
  • MOGA: Museum of Glitch Aesthetics
    From the Museum of Glitch Aesthetics catalog:   Whereas it’s true that the avant-garde artists and writers of the 20th […]
  • Where am I?
    A Thought Experiment into the nature and implications of new media art. I’m sitting here which will become there. I’m […]
  • Projection Mapping Experiments
    Using projected images that are mapped to the surface features of, for example, a building has presented me with a […]
  • Kinect Investigations
    Microsoft Kinect Sensor and OpenNI Framework Originally known as Project Natal, the Kinect is a motion-sensing device used as a […]
  • “Playing” the Image
    Initial Ideas: Falling out of this was the idea of “memory triggers” and if we could “play” our memories, emotions […]
  • Experiments with Blender and FCP
    A bit of an experiment using FCP, blender and a bit of Motion.