This is a notebook of my explorations into digital interactive experiences. focused on recording sketches, code snippets, thoughts and ideas that excite and fire my imagination.

By recording these thoughts and ideas here I’m hoping to build a dev repo that is purely for my own benefit and memory. Saying that if there is anything you find useful as a visitor feel free to grab, share or even contact me as you see fit.

I’m a self taught on and off programmer, developer, designer and general fiddler, often with too many ideas and too few solutions – hence me trying to record some of my ‘adventures’ here as an aide memoir.

Wherever possible in whatever project or experiment I’m recording I’ll be trying to build from scratch – an approach that will inevitably lead to confusion, chaos and meanderings into irrelevance, entropy and over excitement on my behalf. Now that I like the sound of!

I’m also going to mention that I have Crohn’s Disease; a chronic condition that has a big bad impact on my life. So at some point I’m sure there’ll be a category dedicated to me bemoaning and complaining about the peculiar confusion and chaos of IBD.

So there you go.