This liminality; this state of becoming; this limbo of existence that is in flux…

This is a central repo for the #glitch machine B47 – Project Inside (#tgmb47)

While the #glitch machine B46 was a real world projection of a concept based around the glitch aesthetic and how that aesthetic can encourage a reimagining and recontextualisation of space, place and time; iteration b47 is an interactive game/experience based in a virtual world created in Unity.

This game/experience is driven by the player ‘dérive-ing’ the camera unit (from iteration b46) through a world influenced by the glitch aesthetic and concepts related to theories of the moving image and new media.

My approach to project development reflects the underlying concepts of the dérive and the process of  détournement, where creativity is driven by discovery and exploration.  

With this approach my aim is to discover a Duchamps-esque ‘digital readymade’ that is in a state of constant rearrangement – a state of continuous destruction and creation – that echoes the glitch aesthetic.