#glitch theory

An ongoing list of related theoretical resources

“..the Event is a situation of radical
interruption, a transformation incited by things that were
unseen until that very moment. The thing that was hidden reveals itself
and turns the tables: just as workers that leave the darkness of their
workplaces or a secret desire that explodes. The Event is always
unexpected, as you can’t expect the revolution to obey a timetable. It does
not mean that it’s a miracle or supernatural intervention. The Event is
a revelation of things that were there, but were never expected to be
revealed, something that could be expected (sometime, somewhere), but was virtually

Badiou, A. (2005) Being and Event,trans O. Feltham. London: Continuum

The Glitch art is dead project was initiated by Aleksandra Pieńkosz and Zoe Stawska as an attempt to fill the gap in our understanding of new visual phenomena and to breach the gap between the digital and the material. The album consists of works presented on the Glitch art is dead exhibition that took place in Teatr Barakah gallery in Kraków in fall 2015. 29 artists from 14 countries presented their 70 graphics and 12 videos. The works of arts were chosen after an open call for members of online Glitch Artist Collective. The number and the quality of collected material pushed the project forward.

Aleksandra Pieńkosz and Piotr Puldzian Płucienniczak (eds.) – Glitch art is dead