Peter Zumthar: Bruder Klaus Field Chapel

This architecturally intriguing piece is a prime candidate to explore the impact of architecture within tgmB47.

The design, look and feel of the chapel can be adapted to incorporate elements of AV content as texture/material within the structure itself.

The feeling of movement within the central chapel, a feeling of being surrounded by a vast space while being encouraged to ‘move’ towards the heavens produces a dynamic atmosphere that can be further enhanced through using AV textures to increase immersion.

The Bruder Klaus Field Chapel by Peter Zumthor, completed in 2007, is known for its beautiful respect for the materials which were used to construct the sensuous space. The interior of the chapel is a black cavity left behind by 112 tree trunks burnt out of the cast concrete walls. Twenty-four layers of concrete were poured into a frame surrounding the trunks, stacked in a curved conical form, forming a stark contrast to the comparatively smooth angular façade. After removing the frame, many small holes were left behind in the walls, creating an effect reminiscent of the night sky. The chapel’s “beautiful silence” and undeniable connection to its surrounding landscape make it an evocative and popular destination for many.