The #glitch machine B46

The glitch machine #B46 – a new media installation production.

An interactive piece driven by PureData that included an Arduino driven ‘projector’ that drove projected content along with a ‘camera’ that captured live images and added them to the projection.

The content was glitched using Processing and displayed in random ‘chunks’ in a 3 x 3 grid pattern. Video output could be at ‘fullscreen’ or PiP at random.

Full documentation is available on a linked site here:

Direct links to elements of the project can be accessed below.

Critical TheoryCritical Theory: Participation, Negation and Provenance
Critical Theory: Duchamp
Critical Theory: Dada
Critical Theory: The Situationist International
New Media – Interface Design (2012)New Media – Interface Design (2012) Shake, Roll and Outcome
New Media – Interface Design (2012) Rolling Through History
New Media – Interface Design (2012) Randomness, Glitch and Liminality
New Media – Interface Design (2012) Narrative
New Media – Interface Design (2012) Conclusion
Where Am I? – New Media Art (2012)
Critical Theory: Conclusions
The #glitch Machine (#B46)The #glitch Machine (#B46): Development
The #glitch Machine (#B46): Prototype at Chapter Arts 13th June 2012

The #glitch Machine (#B46): September 12th and 13th Installation
The #glitch Machine (#B46): Conclusions
Project Outline: January 2012
Pilot Project (2011)Pilot Project (2011) PART 1: QR Codes, Maps and the Tomato Branch.
Pilot Project (2011) PART 2: ReacTIVision, Storytelling and Multi-touch Surfaces
Pilot Project (2011) PART 3: Microsoft Kinect Sensor and OpenNI Framework
Pilot Project (2011) PART 4: Projection Mapping
Pilot Project (2011) Reflection
Pilot Project (2011) Summary
Film Database
Text Generator Content